Ideas To Assist With Planning Personalized Cremation Services In Lynnwood Wa

A recently-deceased loved one’s life can be commemorated during Cremation Services In Lynnwood Wa by using the following ideas. A personalized service will help family members and friends remember the individual for their uniqueness and will portray them in a positive manner.

Personalized Pins

Pins that are secured to a picture of the person who has passed away can be worn to celebrate their life throughout Cremation Services In Lynnwood Wa. A basket can be filled with personalized pins and given out to guests as they arrive for a cremation service. People may appreciate being able to see the face of the person who has passed as they listen to commentary about their life and accomplishments. Besides being a thoughtful item to wear at a service, pins can be kept as keepsakes and shared with extended family members and future generations.

Memory-Filled Tree

A small, potted tree can be placed in one corner of the room where a cremation service will take place. Index cards that have holes punched through the top of them, ornament hooks and pens can be offered to each attendee. Fond memories of the person who has passed can be written on each card. Afterward, individuals can select which part of the tree they would like to hang the written memories from. Once a ceremony has ended, the tree can be planted in a special spot where the recently-deceased used to spend time. The tree will provide a constant reminder of the person who has passed.

Picture Display

Pictures that were taken of the person who has died can be displayed in one section of the room where a service is being held. A description of where each picture was taken and the year that each event occurred can be written across blank file cards. After the cards are placed in front of the pictures that they correspond to, guests can browse all of the photographs at their leisure and be reminded of some happy moments from the individual’s past. The picture display will also inform individuals about life-changing events that they may have not already been aware of.

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