How Your Corporate Anniversary Can Strengthen Your Brand

Whether your organization is celebrating its first anniversary or its 50th, branding is an ever-present marketing effort that can make or break your business. A corporate anniversary is a great time to think about strengthening and redefining your brand, no matter how long you’ve been in business.

Anniversaries are a significant event because people prefer to do business with organizations that are stable and reliable. If they know you’ve been around awhile, they will trust that you will be there for years to come, and will be more apt to buy from you, as opposed to your up-and-coming competitor.

Anniversaries are the perfect occasion in which to celebrate your successes, boast about your accomplishments and showcase your knowledge, skills and talents.

Just like most things in business and marketing, there is a methodical approach to strengthening your brand around your anniversary date. Specialized marketing campaigns are needed and this takes proper planning and resources. Partnering with a company that is skilled at branding and marketing is a first step toward ensuring your anniversary is successful. Here are a few things you can share with this third party company:

Your budget: Before you can do anything, you need to establish your budget. Expenses can really add up, so come up with a number and stick to it.
Involve your employees: Get some input from your employees, particularly from the ones that have been with the organization for a long time. What are their fondest memories about the organization, how has it changed over the years?
Showcase your milestones: What are some of your organization’s biggest achievements? What are you most proud of? Make sure those milestones are communicated to the public.

The History Factory understands the value of heritage, and integrates this with a storytelling approach that can help strengthen your brand and make your anniversary a memorable one. Visit The History Factory for more information and also like our page on Facebook.

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