How You Emergency Dentist in Howell Can Help With Sensitive Teeth

by | Oct 1, 2014 | Dentist

If you have a hot meal or drink or, conversely, one that is too cold, and your teeth suffer discomfort, it’s likely you suffer from dental hypersensitivity. This happens because the teeth are not protected as they should be and therefore you feel and shudder more than usual to sudden changes in temperature. It prevents you from fully enjoying your food but worse of all, you may experience pain. Having sensitive teeth is a common condition that can occur for different reasons. Therefore, it should prompt consultation with your local Emergency Dentist in Howell. They will help you receive the right treatment and prevent triggers in more serious oral problems.

Tooth sensitivity occurs when the softer part of the tooth, which is protected and located under the enamel, is fully exposed. The dentin contains small tubes which have nerve endings that are filled with liquid. When this liquid moves from eating foods or drinks that are too hot or cold, it can generate stinging or sharp pains in the teeth. One of the main causes of tooth sensitivity is abrupt daily brushing or using a brush with hard bristles. Performing these habits can often end up wearing the enamel down, thus causing hypersensitivity. That’s why your local emergency dentist recommends brushing your teeth gently with soft brush filaments.

Many people unintentionally, especially during sleep, tend to clench their jaw harder than usual. This condition is known as bruxism and it can negatively affect dental health, causing wear, fracturing of enamel and hypersensitivity problems. For more information, experts recommend you contact your local General or Cosmetic Dentistry. It’s important you do this before the problem breaks a tooth.

Decay will also severely affect the teeth and may even lead to breakage or loss in advanced conditions. It can also worsen the condition of sensitive teeth, especially when ingesting hot or cold drinks or foods and chewing sweet or acidic foods. Remember the importance of maintaining good dental hygiene and seeing a dentist on a regular basis. Also, other causes of sensitive teeth can be gum disease such as gingivitis or periodontitis. Inflammation and infection of the tissues that support the teeth favor exposure of the tooth neck. For more information, contact your local Emergency Dentist in Howell today. Visit :

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