How You can Use Social Media to Recruit the Best Employees

Social media isn’t just a novelty when it comes to recruiting new employees. In fact, it is a must-have. In fact, 94 percent of all professional headhunters for engineers in Minneapolis utilize social media to acquire and manage new talent. Also, 59 percent of workers have said that having a social media presence is one of the reasons they chose their current workplaces.

The Worries Related to Finding New Workers

According to recent statistics, it takes 27 days to fill a position, which represents an all-time high. Additionally, 48 percent of all CEOs have stated that their company has actually lost money because of the inefficient recruiting methods they use. When these same companies use headhunters for engineers in Minneapolis, this is not an issue. They have the power of experience and social media to help them find the talent they want and need and reduces issues of wasted time and money.

The Impact of Social Media

Up to 75 percent of all potential hires are not actively searching for a new job. As a result, it is the recruiters that are using social media to find and reach them. This provides a wider pool of talent for companies who want quality employees than just the individuals who are actively scanning job boards and work ads. The best headhunters for engineers in Minneapolis already know this and can help companies by leveraging their network in the niche.

If you are thinking about hiring new talent for your company, you should harness the power of social media. Doing so will help ensure that the best quality workers are hired. Take some time to review the information here to see how these professional services, along with social media, could be useful.

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