How Water Ionizing Makes Your Pool Safe

How Water Ionizing Makes Your Pool Safe

For any type of pool or spa, keeping the water free from dirt and debris is important for the enjoyment of your time in the pool. Even more importantly, invisible contaminants like bacteria and viruses can also exist in the water as can various types of algae.

When these types of contaminants are present, the pool can take on a greenish color and the water will often have a bad odor as well as harbor all those microorganisms. Large amounts of chlorine can be used to kill off these naturally occurring contaminants, but so can a very safe process known as water ionizing.

The way chlorine works is to act as an oxidant to the blue-green algae or cyanobacteria that live in all types of water, including in salt water. Chlorine also kills bacteria, but it also creates a very real concern for people swimming in a pool or enjoying time in a spa.

High levels of chlorine can cause rashes, skin irritations, dry skin, bleaching of clothing and hair and even trigger asthma attacks or other respiratory conditions in some people.

Limiting Chlorine

Through a very safe, non-chemical water treatment option known as water ionizing, the use of chlorine in a pool or spa can be dramatically reduced. It will still be necessary to use very small amounts of chlorine, particularly during heavy use or when there is substantial rainfall.

With the ionizing system, small electrodes made of silver or silver and copper are placed in the return line to the pool before or after the filter. These electrodes are connected to a microprocessor control box that sends a low voltage current to the electrodes.

The current causes small ions of silver and copper to be released into the water returning to the pool. These ions themselves actually attach to the viruses, bacteria and algae and actually kill the microorganisms without the need for toxic chemicals that can be harmful to humans as well.

Ongoing and Controlled

These water ionizing systems run continuously with the pump through the timer box. This means that whenever the pump is operating and the filter is working, the water is also being ionized. This is a passive process and will not impact how the pool system recycles the water.

Additionally, the silver and copper ions will stay in the pool and not degrade like chlorine. There are even simple test kits to ensure you have the right level of ions to make your pool or spa water clear, healthy and safe to enjoy.

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