How to Properly Cycle an AR15 Charging Handle

One of the most critical components of an AR15 rifle is the charging handle. It is important that everyone operating this type of gun understands how to use it properly. In theory, using the handle may sound simple. However, there is a lot more to it than many people realize.

As with the manipulation of any weapon, the key is to be consistent to ensure both efficiency as well as safety. Therefore, when being used by a right-handed shooter, you should cycle the charging handle with your left hand. In order to lock the bolt, the rear, or check the chamber, you will use the right hand.

Simple Basics

The basic manipulations of the weapon, including checking the status, loading and unloading, the handle will need to be in the low-ready position. For this, you will need to have the stock on your shoulder, holding your trigger finger straight with the safety on and holding the muzzle downward.

Other functions, such as clearing a misfire or reloading, you should have the muzzle aimed toward the target. It is important to keep in mind that the AR15 rifle features a free floating firing pin. This means that it is extremely possible for a slam fire to occur with a defective round. Always be aware of your surrounding situation and environment while keeping the gun pointed in a safe direction.

The Cycling Process

There is a three-step process to cycling the charging handle. Start with your thumb positioned on the back of the handle so that the nail of the thumb is in the center of the rear of the handle. Next, use your first finger to unlatch the handle. Finally, draw your thumb straight to the rear while keeping it in line with the top center of the gun to cycle the handle aggressively.

You will need to put to the rear until the handle slips out of your grasp, flying forward. Make sure that you never allow your hand to ride forward with the handle as this can cause problems.

Knowing the way to properly operate the charging handle of your AR15 rifle means that you do not have to worry about any problems that might occur. You have enough things to keep in mind while you shoot without having to worry about causing any unnecessary issues. Take the time to dry practice the process with your gun in order to master this fundamental skill.

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