How to Make Temporary Roof Repairs in Franklin Park

Each year, the rains come in. While you may believe that your roof is in great repair, the last thing you want to happen is that you discover a leak when the rain has begun. After all, if this happens it will be too late to even make Temporary Roof Repairs Franklin Park. This is why you should take steps to reduce the impact of the leaks until you can get a professional to your home to repair them properly.

When you are making these temporary repairs, the first thing you need to attend to is the issues on the interior of your home. This is because just a few hours of the water pudding in the attic can turn into several different leaks, making the situation much worse than it was initially. When you have multiple leaks present, it can be virtually impossible to keep your home dry at the spot that appears to be the wettest.

However, since you are only making Temporary Roof Repairs Franklin Park, the solution to the issue is fairly simple. You should punch a hole in the area where the water is collecting and gather all the water in a bucket or bowl. When you provide the water with an escape leak, it will allow you to more easily manage the problem. Once the leak is controlled, you will need to gather the following tools: a ladder; garden hose; duct tape; and one gallon bottle.

You will cut the bottle to make a funnel, then use the duct tape for attaching an end of the hose to the opening you made in the bottle and then point the hose’s other end outside. Tape the funnel system you have created to the ladder, directly below the leak, which will direct the leaking water outside.

Once you have successfully saved the interior of your home, it is time to call on a professional roofer to fix the issue outside. Roofing Solutions LLC will provide you with the professional fix you need to solve the leaking roof issue for good. This will ensure that additional damage does not occur, as well.

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