How to Keep Your Home Radon-Free in the Long Term

Keeping your home, or any building, free from radon gas is essential for preventing dangerous health conditions. Radon is present in the air all around us, and it gathers inside of buildings. When exposed to too much of it and breathing it in too much, it can potentially cause lung cancer. The EPA estimates that even a small level can increase the chance of developing lung cancer. There isn’t a ‘miracle cure’ to free your home from all radiation forever, but there are some measures you can take to keep radon at safe levels:

1. Radon Tests

The first step is to determine how high the radiation levels in your home are. There are multiple tests available, some of which aren’t highly accurate and are designed only for immediate or short-term levels. You can gain a much more accurate measurement with a long-term radon test. This is usually done by placing a device in your home for a few months to measure ongoing radiation levels. Consumer Reports recommends these types of testing kit as radon levels can fluctuate day by day, so short term tests rarely report the real picture.

2. Radon Mitigation

If your long term radon test shows levels that are too high, you can call in a service to remove the radon from your home and bring it down to recommended levels. Doing this regularly will ensure it is consistently safe.

3. Radon Proofing

Just as you would weather proof your house to prevent leaks, you can take similar measures to cut down on how much radon enters your home. The same service which performs radon mitigation may be able to advise or do this for you.

With just a few easy and affordable measures, regular checks, and mitigation appointments, you can keep any building free from harmful radon for as long as it is standing.

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