How To Determine Which Stud Weld Gun Is Best For A Project

Stud welding has many useful applications across many industries. However, not every piece of stud welding equipment will work with every project; one must know exactly how to choose which type of stud weld gun will work well for a particular project.

Types of Stud Weld Guns

There are two main types of stud weld guns: Production weld heads and hand-held models. The production weld heads have been around the longest, but they aren’t always the best option for every type of welding project.

Production Weld Heads

A production weld head is a type of stud weld gun that is very advanced. They can be fully automated and can integrate into most systems. In addition, these can be used in groups in order to speed up the welding process.

These types of stud guns have many different options to fit a wide variety of welding projects. There are those that enable automatic positioning and manual loading, while there are others that allow for full automation of both positioning and loading. The welding guns that have full automation of both positioning and loading are programmable to handle many different welding tasks.

Handheld Models

Handheld model stud guns enable the greatest versatility and flexibility. They can come in both drawn arc and capacitor discharge varieties. The former can have many different grades in order to accomplish many different welding projects. Virtually anyone can work with this type of welding gun, plus they are built to perform at a high level, just as their larger counterparts are.

Depends on the Project

The best welding gun model depends on whether automation is needed or greater versatility and flexibility. This will vary with each type of project, including the scope and aspect of the project, as well as the time frame to complete the project.

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