How to Choose the Best Surveying Equipment for Your Needs

For as long as humans have been building structures and keeping track of the world around us, there have been landing surveyors. While the formal title didn’t come along until much later, ancient Egyptians and other cultures were noted to have employed various primitive surveying equipment to record land measurements for agriculture, irrigation and construction needs. Today, the tools are more intuitive and easier to use, but many of our needs remain the same.

The Modern Surveyor’s Toolkit

Some of the tools of today’s surveying trade would make a landscape designer or traveler of the past wide-eyed with wonder, and perhaps a little confusion. Today’s devices make the job easier and result more accurate than ever. Some of these tools include:

• GNSS tools, for navigation and sometimes full-service surveying purposes

• EDM, or electronic distance measurement machinery, for calculating distances and understanding local terrain better

• Photographic, video and other devices for capturing a real-time view of areas being surveyed

• Recording and relaying equipment, if not designed into other tools

These and many other items useful to the job of land surveying can be obtained from reputable online retailers, worldwide.

Choosing the Right Tools for Your Task

Every surveying job is different. What you are typically called on to do as a surveyor may vary from what other professionals do, and knowing your clientele and their needs will help you to select the kind of tools you will need. Some considerations include:

• Will image collection be necessary? For some jobs, you will need to take and compile digital images. If this is on your to-do list, photographic equipment – as well as digital or traditional levels – should be on your to-buy list.

• Will you and your team be equipped with GNSS and remote-reporting devices, or will you need separate devices for each aspect of the job? What is the most sensible and economical solution in this regard for your businesses budget and needs?

Once you have determined what the requirements of your typical assignment will be, you can consult a professional for suggestions as to exactly what make and model of each tool you will be best served by. With your land surveying equipment in place and a thorough understanding of how it all contributes to your success, it’s time to hit the road and map the world!

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