How to Care of your Child’s Oral Health: Advice from a Reputable Family Dentist in Redding

by | Aug 13, 2014 | Dentist

The dental hygiene of every child begins in the mother’s womb. The tooth can start developing through the gum when your infant is six months old. So, there is need to consume a balanced diet with enough vitamins and minerals. You should also understand that all primary set of teeth develops before the child reaches three years. This set of teeth will then fall off by the time the child is about eleven years. The permanent teeth will then start appearing. This, of course, varies from child to child.

It is important for you to visit a Family Dentist in Redding so that you can be advised on how to get started before the earliest tooth comes out. You should buy a soft toothbrush immediately when the first set of primary teeth starts to make appearance. It is important that you use toothpaste that has minimal fluoride content. You should then brush gently to get rid of bacteria and bad breath. Brush twice every day and train the child how to spit the toothpaste instead of swallowing.

Important tips to follow
1. You should never allow your child to sleep with milk or any other food substance that is sugary since it can cause tooth decay.

2. Feed your infant with nutritious food for healthy gums.

3. Consult your family dentist to prescribe the best mouthwash or oral rinse.

4. In case your child is one of those who enjoy sucking their finger, seek the assistance of your dentist for a permanent solution.

5. To avoid cavities and maintain good oral health, ensure the child rinses his mouth after drinking juice or milk. In case your child drinks milk before going to sleep, teach him how to brush his teeth after drinking.

6. You should never share cups and spoons with your child; saliva contains bacteria which causes tooth decay.

To get excellent dental services for your child, visit a reputable Family Dentist in Redding. You can get more details online on how to find a good family dentist.

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