How to Bleed Your Brakes

Any time you open your brake lines you introduce air into the system. This is a problem because air, unlike hydraulic fluid, is easy to compress. This will result in your brakes feeling spongy or soft. Bleeding your brakes is a simple job and only requires a few dollars’ worth of tools and supplies. You will also need a partner to help. If you are not comfortable bleeding your brakes, then you should consider finding a brake repair shop in Hickory Hills.

What You Will Need

You will only need a few tools and brake fluid, as well as a partner. For the tools, you will need 6-8 inches of clear fuel line. A 5/8th fuel line should work well. You will also need a brake line wrench. This is a special wrench which is mostly closed but opens slightly to allow you to place it over a brake line. If you do not have one of these a regular wrench can work, but your risk stripping the bleed plug. You will also need a clear bottle or jar and enough brake fluid. Plan on needing more than you think you would, but figure a small bottle for each line being bled to be safe.

How to Do It

Start by attaching your fuel line to the bleed plug. This is the nipple bolt on the caliper. Put the other end of the line into the jar and have your partner pump the brakes until they cannot pump it anymore, the car should not be running. Once they have done this, open the bleeder plug and allow fluid to flow out until it slows. Re-tighten the plug before fluid stops to prevent air from getting back in. Repeat this process until there is not air in the lines. If your fluid is old and brown, then you should repeat until you get fresh, clear fluid and go ahead and do a flush.

If you are having brake issues and need a brake repair in Hickory Hills, contact Wilrae Inc.

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