How To Avoid Damaging Your Wheels In Wisconsin

A flat tire can be quickly patched and re-inflated, and a blown tire can be taken off and replaced. A broken wheel, however, is another story, and it will keep a vehicle off the road. If the vehicle belongs to a commercial fleet, then the owner is losing money on both the repair and the loss of business. Not all accidents can be prevented, but there are a few things to keep in mind that can help you avoid wheel damage.

First of all, make sure that your car or truck has wheels that are strong enough for the driving conditions they have to endure, including both weather conditions and the weight of any cargo the vehicle has to carry. Most cars have aluminum alloy wheels, and the durability of the wheels depends on the amount of nickel in the alloy. A wheel with more nickel in it is softer and more likely to bend on impact; however, it is less brittle and less likely to crack than a harder wheel made with less nickel. Steel wheels, though considerably heavier than aluminum, are a lot stronger than aluminum alloy wheels.

It’s also important to avoid the kind of impact that can cause damage to a wheel. One of the worst types of impact is hitting a pothole, and Wheels in Wisconsin are at a disadvantage due to the weather conditions in the winter. When even a little bit of water seeps into a crack in the road, the water can freeze and expand, thus widening the crack. When the weather is beginning to warm in early spring or beginning to freeze in late fall, water may freeze and melt and freeze again until a crack becomes a pothole. The best thing a driver can do is to be aware of the seasons when potholes are likely to form and be extra watchful.

When driving over a pothole or other obstacle, some drivers tend to slam on the brakes automatically. However, it is better for the wheels to release the gas and keep rolling so that the weight of the car doesn’t add to the impact on the wheels. For more information about protecting Wheels in Wisconsin, visit

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