How Pest Control Companies in Alexandria VA Help Homeowners Deal With Asian Lady Beetle Infestations

How Pest Control Companies in Alexandria VA Help Homeowners Deal With Asian Lady Beetle Infestations

Infestations of Asian lady beetles into homes have become relatively common in recent years. The species is technically an invasive one in North America, although the beetles look very similar to the ladybugs that U.S. residents have always been accustomed to seeing. They come inside in large numbers, crawling around the house and gathering in corners. Pest Control Companies in Alexandria VA can offer solutions for getting rid of these invaders, but they don’t recommend spraying indiscriminately outside. Spraying pesticide in that manner harms insects that people should appreciate, such as bees and butterflies. In addition, Asian lady beetles actually are considered beneficial insects.

Why are these insects considered beneficial? Outdoors, they eat other pests that feed on various plants, such as fruit and nut trees, flowering plants and agricultural crops like alfalfa and soybeans. In fact, the U.S. Department of Agriculture spent many years trying to establish populations of these beetles in various locations. Asian lady beetles especially like to eat aphids, making them very helpful in reducing pest populations.

Technicians from Pest Control Companies in Alexandria VA can help people keep these bugs out of the house by evaluating the entire perimeter of the building and then sealing cracks, tiny holes, and gaps. Those flaws may be around windows and doors, in the siding joints or along the foundation. This strategy not only prevents lady beetle infestations but stops many other pests from getting inside. It goes a long way toward blocking ants, wasps and hornets, and spiders. If the occasional mouse used to find its way in, the work accomplished by Pest Control Companies in Alexandria VA will stop this problem as well. Visit website for more information.

Once the ladybugs are inside, the best way to deal with them is to vacuum them up or use a short-handled broom to sweep them into a container. If put in a container, they can be deposited back outside. The beetles aren’t hazardous to have in the house, but most people don’t want clusters of ladybugs in the building. The main problem is the possibility they will secrete a substance that leaves a yellow stain. More information is available from an organization such as Pest Management Services.

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