How Monuments Are Created Through The Process Of Sand Blasting In CT

by | May 27, 2016 | Business

A stone monument is a memorial that will stand for centuries, marking your loved one’s final place of rest. Usually made of granite, these stones bear the name of the deceased, the dates of his or her birth and death, and sometimes a personal message. Some monuments are decorated with other designs as well, from simple borders to ornate patterns. The lettering and designs are created through the process of Sand Blasting in CT. Sandblasting starts with a polished slab and blasts away the polished surface to create the design or lettering in the rough stone beneath.

The first step in the process of creating a monument is making the design. A graphic artist creates the design using a computer-assisted drawing (CAD) program. The design can utilize any font or line art, but it is not possible to use something as detailed or complex as a photograph. The design is saved to a file.

The next step is to cut a rubber stencil with a laser cutter that can read the CAD file. The letters or designs are cut from the rubber with an X-Acto knife, and the stencil is then adhered to the surface of the monument. At this point, an artist may do further carving into the stencil to enhance the design. Before the monument goes to the sandblaster, it has to be checked carefully to make sure that no spelling or other errors become part of the permanent design.

The monument is transferred to an automated sandblasting machine via a conveyor belt. A sandblaster uses high-pressure silica sand to blast away the surface of the stone to a prescribed depth to carve the design.

When the sandblasting is finished, the final touches are added. Abrasive air is used to clean and add further dimension to the design, and darkening agents are applied to make the design stand out. The stencil is then removed from the stone, and the adhesive is cleaned off. Sometimes, monument makers add additional hand-chiseled designs to the sandblasted stone.

The result of sandblasting is a beautiful, precise, textured design that will last for many, many years as a tribute to the life of your loved one. For more information about Sand Blasting in CT, Contact Shelley Bros Inc.

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