How Contemporary Shamanism Provides Healing and Knowledge to Communities

Cultures around the world have long practiced Shamanism as a way to connect the physical world with spiritual energy. Today, many people in need of mind, body, and soul healing are turning to the practices of Shamanism.  Teachers and practitioners from organizations such as LightSong School of Shamanic Studies and Energy Medicine provide healing and knowledge, using a variety of resources, including:

*    FORMAL CLASSES : Those who want to become healers can learn Contemporary Shamanism at the LightSong School. They offer a range of workshops from basic Shamanic Journey Skills to Soul Retrieval Training. Within these workshops, teachers assist students in discovering their full potential through the exploration and practice of ancient Shamanic and energy healing techniques. The formal curriculum includes programs that allow students to become accredited interns, master practitioners, Reiki Masters and Doctors of Shamanic Studies. Graduates often choose to teach, practice energy healing, or serve their communities.

*    HEALING : Schools and organizations that teach Shamanism often also offer healing services. Practitioners can provide energy healing, Reiki, Soul Retrieval, Curse unraveling, Depossession and more. They work with each client’s needs and assist them to reclaim their love of life, regain health and achieve their dreams. Teachers and healers focus on     connecting the mind, body and soul. Distance healing is also available with some practitioners.

*    COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT : Groups such as the LightSong School also provide free community services. Some of these free services can include, phone forums, interactive blogs, newsletters, and healing circles. Guests are invited to join the healing circles in order to practice the skills that they have learned or to receive a free healing.

*    TEACHING MATERIALS : In addition to formal classes, other resources are available through many media outlets. Audio, video and written teachings abound. You can find offerings at your local bookstore, on-line shops, or websites such as Vimeo or YouTube.

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