How A Pool Service In League City Repairs A Fiberglass Pool

In Texas, property owners choose fiberglass for their pools due to its longevity and strength. They provide the property owner with several decades of use without major issues. However, over time, common problems arise, such as cracks. A local pool service in League City repairs the fiberglass pool and restores it to like-new condition.

Drain the Pool

First, the technician drains the pool completely. Once the water is removed, the technician cleans the pool to eliminate all debris left behind. They dry the entire pool to eliminate any conditions that produce further damage.

Sanding the Crack

The technician uses a hand sander to grind down the crack. All raised portions of the fiberglass are buffed away. The technician cleans out any loose particles from the inside of the pool.

Cutting Out the Cracked Portion

The technician is required to wear protective glasses and clothing to protect them from the fiberglass. Next, they use a diamond-style blade to cut out the crack. The cut spans at least a couple of inches around the entire crack.

Apply Epoxy Agent

They apply an epoxy agent around the surface area of the crack. They fill in the crack throughout its full extent. They use a paint brush for this application.

Applying the Filler

The technician uses a filler to fill in the entire area in where the crack was located. They continue to apply the filler until it reaches the exterior surface of the fiberglass. They remove any excess filler from around the edges of the crack. The filler must dry completely.

Painting the Cracked Area

The technician applies tape around the crack. Next, they apply the gel fiberglass. The fiberglass application extends the crack by two inches on each side. A second coat is applied, and the area is sanded smooth to complete the repair.

In Texas, fiberglass pool owners must address cracks quickly. A pool repair service follows specific steps to complete the repair and prevents extra damage. These steps include eliminating the damaged fiberglass, filling it in, and repainting it with a fiberglass gel. Pool owners who need this pool service in League City can Contact Cryer Pools for fast help.

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