Homeowner Questions And Answers About Shingle Roof Repair In Brookfield, WI

Homeowner Questions And Answers About Shingle Roof Repair In Brookfield, WI

Many homeowners have asphalt shingles on their roofs because this roofing material is durable, long lasting and very affordable. Over time, often due to inclement weather, shingles can crack, fall off or curl at the edges. When any of these situations occur, homeowners should contact an experienced company for Shingle roof repair in Brookfield, WI. Read the questions and answers below to learn more about asphalt shingle roof damage and repair.

Q.) Is it necessary for homeowners to contact a roofing repair company as soon as the roof damage is noticed?

A.) When asphalt shingles become broken or if some of them blow off during a storm, it’s very important to contact a repair company as soon as possible. If the shingles aren’t replaced in a timely manner, rain will begin to leak through the roof deck and into the attic. If the damage is severe, the water may even start to leak through to the ceiling and water will drip into the house. Water can cause damage to the wooden beams in the attic and the insulation.

Q.) How can a homeowner tell if there is damage to the asphalt shingles after a storm?

A.) If shingles have blown off the roof, it’s possible for homeowners to spot the shingles on the ground. Depending on the pitch of the roof, some homeowners can stand away from the house and look up at the roof to see if any shingles are missing. Climbing up on the roof is another option, but this can be dangerous, and many homeowners shouldn’t attempt getting up on ladders to examine their roofs. The best alternative is to contact a roofing company that provides a roof analysis and inspection. After having a thorough inspection of the roof, the homeowner will know the exact extent of the roof damage. If necessary, homeowners can set up an appointment with a company that provides shingle roof repair in Brookfield, WI.

Homeowners who need repairs on their shingle roofs can contact the professionals at Waukesha Roofing. This experienced team provides various roof repairs, such as replacing broken or missing shingles, repairing damage caused by storms, and fixing leaks. This company also provides roof analysis and new roof installation.

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