Home Companion Care Services Help Patients Recover At Home After Release From The Hospital

What happens when patients are released from the hospital but aren’t fully able to care for themselves yet? Even if the person has a spouse or close relative to provide attention, that individual may not be there all the time. The spouse may need to continue going to a full-time job, for example. Home Companion Care Services can help. A caregiver does numerous tasks while the husband or wife is away during the day, making the couple’s life easier.

The caregiver may do light cleaning and wash linens and clothes. Preparing a meal at lunchtime and eating with the patient is appreciated. If the individual is accustomed to being active, having to stay home all the time can be boring. The caregiver may be asked to pick up groceries from the supermarket or prescription medication from the drug store. Running general errands such as paying bills in person or getting items from the library may be requested. Handling these projects allows the spouse to relax at home with the recovering person after work instead of chasing around town.

The spouse may want the caregiver to be there only in the morning or only in the afternoon, or for the spouse’s full work shift. Schedules with a Home Companion Care Services agency are very flexible and intended to address what the clients need. Some caregivers are more suited for certain clients than others are. For example, if there’s a pet dog in the house, the caregiver will likely be asked to let the animal out for a few minutes. The client will prefer a caregiver who likes dogs and not one who’s scared of them.

Who needs this type of care after release from the hospital? Patients who don’t want to temporarily move to a skilled nursing facility benefit from home care giving. They may be recovering from injuries after an accident or from an extensive operation. The spouse could theoretically have a leave of absence from work, but this would require time off without pay. They may need that income, especially if they are normally accustomed to also having regular income from the laid-up spouse.

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