In Home Care in Washington DC Can Help Seniors Age in Place

As seniors get older, they start to lose their friends and can get lonely in their home all day. Active adults may be able to join social groups but as they age and have fewer friends left, they may start to get depressed and tend to spend more time alone. Family members often have their own lives and can’t spend time with their parents or grandparents every day. Fortunately, there is another option that can give seniors someone to talk to and offer some help with their daily tasks.

In Home Care in Washington DC can offer a variety of services to a senior who spends most of their time at home alone. They may take the place of friends and family by helping the senior with their errands, managing their medications and assisting them with mobility. These providers are not medical staff and may not perform any nursing duties but they can help their clients with exercises their doctor or physical therapist recommend and lift or transfer them as needed.

In addition to these duties, in home care in Washington, DC can also help with light housekeeping tasks that can make a seniors life easier. As people get older, it is often more challenging for them to do things that were once everyday activities. Washing dishes, vacuuming floors and making the bed can be quite difficult for someone who has mobility issues. Having a caregiver come to the home a few times a week to help them keep their home neat and tidy. Seniors who have no one at home with them might be more likely to get depressed if their home isn’t as clean as they are use to having it.

Companion care in the home is a great alternative to a senior moving into an assisted living facility. Seniors who want to remain in their own home have more options today than they have in the past. Houses can be modified and caregivers can come over to help. Seniors and their families that need this kind of assistance can Visit website to learn more about the services offered and schedule a consultation with a senior care specialist.

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