Hiring Movers? 4 Mistakes to Avoid

Missing, delayed or damaged belongings—these are just a few of the problems you might face when you end up hiring a sketchy moving crew. Here are the worst hiring mistakes you’ll want to avoid when you scout around for a Manhattan moving service:

Skipping the inventory

Don’t just let the estimator take inventory of all your belongings that will be marked for the move, says Moving. Put together your list. That way, if something goes missing and it’s not on their list, you still have yours, so you know the problem is on their end.

Not knowing the signs

There are plenty of signs that make it easy to tell if you’re dealing with a sketchy moving company or not. If the estimator doesn’t seem interested in the details of the move and only seems focused on how much the items are worth all while running a licentious hand over your electronic gadgets and appliances, then it’s best to move on to a different Manhattan moving service, one you can trust. Go with your gut.

Paying a large deposit

Paying for a deposit is fine. Paying for one that’s priced at more than 20 percent of your total moving bill is not. If that’s the case, you could be the victim of a moving scam. As soon as you get a request like that, you’ll want to be wary about releasing any cash into their hands. If you haven’t signed the contract yet, go and make like the wind. You’ll be better off with other moving teams out there.

Not asking for extra fees

Don’t assume that all types of moving assistance are free of charges or covered under the basic quote. Find out what that quote covers and ask about what instances or services might incur you extra charges. That way, you can manage your moving day costs better.

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