Hiring An Attorney For Va Disability Claims Can Help

Hiring An Attorney For Va Disability Claims Can Help

According to the VA, hiring an attorney for VA disability claims and appeals can help you win benefits. The numbers are quite dramatic; those that “go it alone” ha close to 40 percent of their claims denied while those that were represented only had their claim denied 18 percent of the time.

Here are areas where an attorney for VA disability claims can prove to be quite helpful:

Knowledge of the law:

The VA is bound to very strict rules, laws and regulations when applications for disability benefits are reviewed. Even the VA has problems understanding the rules. The VA admits to getting it wrong 15 percent of the time; other independent reports put the error rate closer to 40 percent. This is where knowledgeable attorneys can be a big help, they must firstly be accredited by the VA and they must keep up to date on all changes in the laws otherwise they stand to lose their accreditation.

Build a powerful case:

If you made a claim only to have it rejected due to lack of evidence an attorney can help prove that your disability is directly related to your service.

Attorneys are adept at uncovering records; they know how to get statements from experts in the field as well as statements from people that can attest that your disability is related to your military service. No attorney for VA disability can outright guarantee that you will be eventually be granted your benefits but they can provide information and data that will make it more difficult for the VA to deny your claim.

Mental illness is a disability that is hard to prove and as such the chances of approval are less. Although the situation is improving, the recognition of PTSD is still problematic.

The VA can only deal with generalities, not so with an attorney. A disability attorney deals with strict facts, the goal of the attorney is to ensure you get the benefits you deserve for the disability you suffer.

An attorney for VA disability can help in the event your claim for veterans disability benefits was denied. To discuss your particular situation you are invited to contact Jackson & MacNichol Law Offices. Like us on our facebook page.

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