Hidden Systems that a Home Inspector in Chicago will Look at to Determine Safety and Possible Repair Costs

by | Nov 11, 2014 | Pest Control

A home buyer often bases their decision upon the overall looks of a home. That is why designers often dress them up. But for some homes, the dressing up aspect can hide some potential problems. These problems cannot always been seen upon the initial walk-through. That is why a home inspection is required before the final sales papers are drawn up. While this is a cost to the potential buyer, the home inspection can uncover some of the hidden problems with the home that can turn an ideal home into a financial nightmare.

One of the areas that a Home Inspector in Chicago will look at closely is the plumbing. Plumbing leaks are often hidden underneath sinks and behind walls. Fortunately, there are often signs that a leak has occurred or is occurring. The inspector can measure the moisture content in suspected areas with a temperature device. They also look for discoloration in paint, wood rot and signs of mold. A plumbing leak can cause quite a bit of damage especially if it is ignored.

Another area that can be tested is the radon levels in the home. This is usually a separate test that has to be requested. While radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas, a high level in the home means that it is not being properly ventilated for this gas. Since the gas can’t be seen, it is impossible to know if your potential home is at a higher risk of buildup without one.

The Home Inspector in Chicago also checks out the electrical system. Because it is such a huge safety hazard, the whole system has to be tested out and the box checked. Some problems with the system can visible right away such as plugs that don’t work properly. If there are any doubts, the inspector will recommend an electrician to inspect the system.

These are some of the systems that aren’t readily visible upon the first walk-through of a home. That is why an inspection is so important. If any of these systems are compromised, than the repair costs can add up drastically and turn your dream home into a nightmare.

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