Heavy Duty Truck Sales in Texas – New Vs. Used

Heavy Duty Truck Sales in Texas – New Vs. Used

Do you own a fleet of large rigs? Maybe you run an owner/operator trucking business and only have one vehicle. When it is time for a new vehicle, you need the best source for heavy duty truck sales in Texas. But should you buy a new vehicle or is it in your best interests to purchase a late-model used truck? Here are some things to consider about each option, to help you make up your mind.

New Heavy Duty Truck Sales in Texas

The main difference between new and used trucks is the price. A new rig can easily cost you in excess of $100,000. If you have a large budget and you plan to put a million miles or more on your vehicles, buying new is probably the best option.

New trucks have the latest features like GPS with smart engine and chassis monitoring systems. You get a good warranty from the dealership, and you should have few maintenance or repair issues to deal with for some time.

Truck dealerships offer leasing programs too. You can own new vehicles and not have to pay out a lot of money in down payments. Maintenance is also included in these leasing packages.


Are you just starting out in the trucking business? You might have a limited budget, or maybe you want to add a vehicle or two to your fleet. You may want to check out used heavy duty truck sales in Texas. The price of a good used rig is affordable, and if you choose a late-model truck, you can enjoy some of the latest features.

Talk to Your Dealer

A trusted truck dealership has all the options to check out. Their truck experts are there to help you make the best decision. This is perhaps the smartest option to consider.

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