Guttering Services Edinburgh: Maintenance of a Guttering System

by | Aug 5, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

Though somewhat disturbing, a prolonged rainy season is beneficial in that it exposes all the leaks in the roof and the guttering system. Instead of ignoring the guttering system in your property, like many home owners do, one should hire firms offering Guttering Services in Edinburgh area to maintain the system from time to time. Many home owners tend to forget about the guttering system until it rains and they realise that it is leaking. There are a number of things that may be done to prevent damage on the guttering systems in homes and commercial buildings.

To begin with, this system should be cleaned once in a while, at least twice a year, even when it is not raining. If the system is exposed to heavy leaf fall, it should be cleaned more regularly. The dead twigs and leaves should be removed using a scoop or by hands. The outlet areas should also be cleaned to remove the debris. To prevent dirt from falling into the downpipe, the system should be fitted with a leaf guard at the outlet neck. This prevents twigs, leaves and moss from being swept down the pipe.

If any of the gutter seals is leaking, the gutter should be unclipped from the brackets and removed. The faulty fitting should then be removed from the system. While replacement seals are readily available, it is advisable to replace the entire fitting. All fittings are stamped with the name of the manufacturer. A Guttering Services Edinburgh provider will check to ensure that the fitting is compatible with the guttering system before installing it.

After cleaning the system, the rainwater pipes should be checked for blockages. Normally, it is very rare for a rainwater pipe to block completely. However, if the pipe is blocked, it should be removed and cleaned or replaced. Most blockages in the guttering system occur in the rainwater shoe, the drainage gully or at the foot of the drop. A PVC rainwater shoes is removed by pulling it from the system. On the other hand, PVC drainage gullies come with an insert. It is this insert that is removed when cleaning. Clay gullies are cleaned using drain rods or by hand.

Generally, a PVC guttering system is easy to maintain. All it requires is a simple wipe down using a soft cloth twice every year. This system may also be cleaned using proprietary PVC cleaner. All these maintenance practices are easy to undertake. However, it is advisable to hire experienced Guttering Services Edinburgh providers to maintain and repair the system to prevent damage to the system and injuries.

While there are many companies offering Guttering Services Edinburgh area, one should be careful when selecting a company to give this work. Mitchell Roofing provides a wide range of roof services within Livingston and Edinburgh. Click here for more information.


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