A Guide to Preconstruction Service in Tucson AZ

Preconstruction Service in Tucson AZ provides property and business owners with a formal way to develop cost, scope, and schedule for project execution. A preconstruction effort helps the owner determine the viability of a project and it defines its scope to set a firm schedule and budget. Read on to learn more about the preconstruction process.

What it Involves

The process begins with a meeting to determine how well the client has defined the project. Then, the company learns the client’s preconstruction objectives and answers their questions. Then, the team assesses the effort needed to get the client further along in the process and it determines what’s needed to get them there.


The primary outcome of preconstruction services is to set a schedule, scope, and budget for a project. Cost estimates depend on the client’s desired level of accuracy, and preconstruction is used to evaluate the project’s viability while identifying value engineering opportunities.

Benefits to Owners

Preconstruction Service in Tucson AZ brings numerous benefits to owners. Many clients use the process as the basis for project appropriations, and perhaps most importantly, owners come away with the information they need to make informed decisions. The preconstruction process eliminates many of a project’s unknowns and it reduces the owner’s risk.

Delivering Value to Customers

As said earlier, the preconstruction process defines a project’s scope, schedule, and cost while minimizing risk. With it, the company can provide owners the documentation they need to secure project funding and approval. In many cases, clients use the process to decide whether to go further with projects.

Handling Projects of All Sizes

Preconstruction is ideal for projects that are not yet well-defined, or those with complex functionality and design. It focuses on the most complicated, highest-cost parts of a project, or those that have the biggest effect on the project’s schedule and cost.

Find Out More Today

The preconstruction process does much to help owners determine the cost and viability of a project, and without it, some things would take much longer or they wouldn’t be done at all. For more information, call Commonwealth Electric Company Of The Midwest today. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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