Greater Security with a Video Analytics Service

People are hearing a lot about the field of analytics these days and probably wonder what it’s all about. Analytics is a fancy term for something quite simple: the analysis of data or statistics. The purpose of analytics is to take data, study it, try to find patterns in the data that can be quantified, and then attempt to use these patterns to make predictions that can improve practically any process. Retail sales, transportation systems and professional sports are three industries where analytics is used. For example, a business might use analytics to maximize its sales and improve its customer service.

One area that the burgeoning field of analytics is rapidly making its presence felt is in security systems. Developers are coming up with software for customers to buy a Video Analytics Service. These services give clients the ability to optimize their video surveillance systems to provide greater safety than can be had with human-only analysis.

The reason that video analytics for security systems is needed is because humans simply cannot effectively process all of the information displayed on a multi-screen security system, especially for long periods of time. That’s where video analytics comes into play.

Video analytics is typically performed on live feeds from security and surveillance camera streams. Real-time analysis is done on the video that allows for instant detection of events of interest. Also, previously recorded video stored on a backup DVR system can be analyzed so that specific data and events of interest can be obtained in greater detail.

These systems make use of the live video stream to track people, log how long a person loiters in an area, to determine whether a person has left behind an object that was previously in their possession. They can also determine if any cameras are being tampered with or if a person has entered an area forbidden to public access.

The benefits of this type of tracking are obvious. For a retailer, shoplifters are much more easily identified by a video analytics system. For secure sites, intruders are immediately identified and can be apprehended. Also, any suspicious packages left behind at any place with a video analytics system installed will be identified and investigated to determine if they are dangerous.
They specialise in residential, small business and commercial security systems, including experience with video analytics systems.

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