Go Green: Quick Ways to Make Your House More Environmentally Friendly

Go Green: Quick Ways to Make Your House More Environmentally Friendly

Your footprint on the environment is very dependent on your habits. Some of the impacts you have on the environment include water usage, fuel usage, and power usage. Each of these have their own bearing on the environment, and reducing all of them is important. The great thing is that these can be changed, and with a few tips these changes are relatively painless.

Water Usage

Using less water is actually easy to do with just a few adjustments. Your toilet is one of the biggest water hogs in your house. Investing in low flow toilets is going to lower your water usage, without having to change any of your habits. Similarly, low flow showerheads are also a great way to reduce usage, without adjusting your day to day habits. Showers are also much less water intensive than bathing, so keeping to showers is an easy switch to save water, and reducing your lawn watering to minimal requirements helps too.

Fuel Usage

Many aspects of your life require the burning of fuel. Transportation is a heavy user of fuel, and there are a number of ways to reduce this. A fuel efficient car is important, but you might not have the means to go upgrade your vehicle. Instead, try to use it less often. Opt to walk, car pool, or take public transit.

Power Usage

With all the technology used in today’s world, the power draw that most people produce is steadily increasing. Some changes to reduce this centers around lighting. LED lights in Chicago can be installed directly into the existing light fixtures. These lights are going to use a tiny fraction of the power than what traditional incandescent bulbs do. They provide solid light, can come in any color, and last drastically longer than other types of lightbulbs. Turning lights off when not in use is very helpful in reducing power consumption and using natural light, where possible, is going to help as well.

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