Getting Your Concrete Ready Mixed in Hertfordshire

by | Nov 25, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

Of the billions of construction projects occurring around the world annually, the vast majority involves some form of concrete. Concrete can be specifically formulated for any type of job, whether it involves massive construction of an office building deep within London or a small family project to create a new cellar out in the country.  Builders have to decide which type of delivery and which type of concrete will be best for their project and location.

Concrete Ready Mixed

Concrete can be delivered in different ways, but one of the most popular versions, especially for small projects, is ready mixed. For this delivery method, the four ingredients in concrete are mixed in a plant, then transferred to a truck and taken to the construction site. The challenge in this delivery method is that once the sand, gravel/rocks, water, and cement have been combined, they become more susceptible to transportation factors. Water and heat can influence the consistency of the concrete and delivery time and distance become very important. Customers who want ready mixed concrete will have to consider their distance from the plant and the amount of time travel from that plant will take. This version of delivery also requires the client to determine the exact amount of concrete the project will require prior to the truck leaving the plant. If a client estimates poorly then he risks wasting money or materials. These difficulties increase the pressure behind the decision to order concrete. Technology has been developed, however, that allows concrete to be mixed at the construction site, rather than the plant. The ingredients are transported separately, which decreases many of the inherent travel difficulties.  Furthermore, the exact amount of concrete required can be mixed as the job develops, limiting the waste of money and concrete created by poor estimations.  This option is available for concrete ready mixed in Hertfordshire.

Concrete Selection

Once a client has determined that he would like ready mixed concrete delivered to his site, he must determine what type of concrete will be best for his project.  Concrete is created from a combination of cement with other materials; cement types can very drastically. While general purpose cement exists, there is also cement for construction of dams, for resistance to heat and high sulfate environments, for resistance to chemicals, or for rapid strength development.  Clients should consider their project and location to determine the best selection of concrete.

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