Getting Toughened Glass Fitted by Glaziers in Croydon – What are the Advantages?

Are you constantly on the lookout for ways to improve the overall safety of your home or business? If so, toughened glass may be something to consider. When installed by glaziers in Croydon, this type of glass can offer better heat resistance and safety. Five times more enduring than a typical sheet of glass, it meets worldwide safety standards and offers a proven solution if you are constantly dealing with the repair and replacement of normal glass. The creation process involves applying a heating and cooling treatment to make a high compressive surface. Want to learn more? Read on for the facts and benefits of increased strength glass.

High Safety Factor

Perhaps the most attractive aspect of toughened glass is the fact that it has a high safety factor. Glaziers in Croydon will tell you that this glass is much more durable than normal glass, which means that it has a greater scope of use in glass buildings than other types. Toughened glass meets BS 6206: 1981 Class A and European Standard BS EN 12600 safety standards, making it the perfect choice for businesses. Should it smash, it will shatter into blunt-edged fragments that pose a minimal risk to safety. Even if exposed to solar radiation the glass will maintain its condition, because it will not become damaged by thermal stress.

Wide Variety of Uses

As one of the many types of safety glass available from glaziers in Croydon, toughened glass is considerably durable and heat-resistant. When it goes through its thermal process, the glass becomes more durable, making it ideal for the following uses:

1. Automotive – Toughened glass breaks into non-lethal pieces, making it a suitable choice for car wind shields.

3. Commercial Uses – You will see toughened glass on a daily basis, because it is used to make solar panels, stairways and glass bus stops, among many other commercial uses.

3. Home Appliances – Many leading manufacturers use tempered glass to craft kitchen utensils, such as microwave ovens.

Can Be Cut to Size

Whatever you require toughened glass for, experienced glaziers in Croydon should be able to cut the glass to a specified size for you. For it to be cut without irreversible damage occurring, the glazier will remove stress points during the annealing process and cool the glass down, before cutting it to size. The strong glass can be cut and re-tempered, proving repairs to be straightforward.

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