Getting to Know your Septic Tank

Getting to Know your Septic Tank

If you are like the majority of people, you may not like to think too much about your septic tank. We all recognize that it serves a valiant purpose, and we certainly notice when something goes awry. But until that time, we are happy to let it get on with its job without so much as a second thought.

When things go wrong…

However, despite our best intentions sometimes things do go wrong with a septic tank. Even when they don’t, a regular schedule of maintenance, pumping and cleaning will extend the life of your tank and help avoid problems arising in the future. Should you do this yourself? No, of course not! Call out a local specialist in septic tank pumping in McDonough, Georgia, and they will do the job for you quickly and efficiently. You should never attempt to pump your own septic tank.

A guide to your septic tank

This being said, it doesn’t hurt to know a little bit about your septic tank and the job it does:
Fortunately, in an age where even the most mundane of household gadgets are becoming computerized and more complex with each passing day, septic tanks remain progressively simple. The have functioned according to the same logic and basic design for centuries. Traditionalists would assert that this is the very reason septic tank issues are comparatively easy to resolve compared with – for instance, central heating or water heater malfunctions.

How it works

Septic tank systems are simple affairs relying on the force of gravity. When wastewater leaves your
home, the water, along with all the substances it contains are swept down into the septic tank. The heavier matter is forced to the bottom of the tank by gravity, where plumbers call it sludge. The lighter material rises back up to the surface, where it takes the form of a greasy scum at the top of the tank. The water between these extremes is actually quite clean and is reabsorbed into the soil. Issues arise when the system gets clogged up with sludge, thus forcing the water to back up and spill over. The more accumulated sludge in the tank, the worse the spillage is likely to be.

Regular cleaning can prevent this from happening, and our plumbers at Delta Plumbing Inc. can help you out with this so you can go on not having to think about it.

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