Get The Most Out Of Cosmetic Dentistry in St. Peter, MN

Get The Most Out Of Cosmetic Dentistry in St. Peter, MN

When patients in the St. Peter area experience dental problems, they usually turn to a reputable dental practice like Mankato Dentist. In most cases, these dental problems will not be severe, requiring simple Cosmetic Dentistry in St Peter MN to help remedy the situation. This can include veneers placed on crooked teeth to restore a smile, a dental implant being performed to replace a lost tooth, or just a simple teeth whitening procedure to help brighten a smile. Regardless of the severity of the tooth problem, visiting a dentist is a must, to help improve dental hygiene and protect a patient’s teeth as long as possible. With regular dental visits, a patient can prolong the lifespan of their teeth significantly.

In most cases, dental problems that require cosmetic dentistry in St Peter MN will not be severe enough to require drastic treatments. If a patient has a crooked tooth, there are a variety of methods to resolve it. The most common is through braces, which come in several varieties themselves. One of the newest methods utilizes invisible braces that are placed over the teeth when sleeping, allowing the patient to forgo the rigors and pains of traditional metal braces. In some cases, the dentist can adjust the teeth through treatments in the office, aligning them back into place using a veneer type application that moves the affected teeth into alignment.

More severe dental problems, however, can require more severe treatments to be used in cosmetic dentistry in St Peter MN. These cases involve missing or extracted teeth being replaced by dentures or implants. Dentures, however, are not a good choice health wise since the pressure of chewing with them will flatten the bone beneath them over time. Patients will require bone grafts to build the bone back up on a regular basis. Dental implants, on the other hand, utilize a metal anchor that holds the porcelain tooth in place that excites bone growth like the original tooth’s roots would when chewing. This makes dental implants a lot healthier, and less expensive over time when compared to the cost of denture upkeep.

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