Get Your SR-22 in Rockford

Get Your SR-22 in Rockford

If you need an SR-22 in Rockford because of a court order or other reason, there are three things that you should know. A lot of people make the mistake of feeling “desperate” and settling for the first SR-22 in Rockford that they find. They need the certificate to be able to drive and they must get it quickly so they jump on the first offer that comes along. It is a mistake.

Why Do You Need an SR 22?

In some cases, the court will order an SR-22 to be presented to the Department of Motor Vehicle after a DUI or a reckless endangerment charge or other driving issue.  Even if you have had multiple moving violations you may need an SR 22 rider on your policy.

What is It?

A lot of times the “SR-22” is referred to as an insurance policy and it is not an actual policy. It is a rider to the policy for high risk drivers. It does come from your insurance carrier and basically it is a way that the insurance company can vouch for your coverage. In most cases there is a time limit for the need of this form to be filed with DMV. The time limit can vary. Typically, you should expect to:

  • Pay a little more for the certification to the carrier
  • Pay an additional filing fee at DMV to file the certification

What Can You Do?

Keeping the cost down of this additional rider to your auto insurance is important, be sure that you shop around to get the best price. The right source will help you to get the coverage that you need without paying an arm and a leg. It is possible to get back on the road with a little help from Accurate Auto Insurance.

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