Get Precise Readings from a Revolutionary Stack Dust Monitor

Get Precise Readings from a Revolutionary Stack Dust Monitor

When you need to measure the exact concentration of particulate matter or dust that’s suspended in the exhaust gas that passes through a stack or duct for industrial processes, you need a revolutionary stack dust monitor. It helps if you’re using a monitor that’s not as likely to drift with temperatures, time or dirtying optics like traditional dust monitors. Instead, you need a dust monitor that can provide you with an excellent record of reliability with no moving parts. You can find stack dust monitors manufactured by leading process management companies that perfectly fit your needs.

Use Top Optical Transmission Technology

To get the best stack dust monitor, it should have a receiver and transmitter based on optical transmission technology. This type of technology uses a light beam from the transmitter which passes along the stack and to a receiver. It fully measures attenuation within the intensity of light that is received. An increased particulate density within a stack can cause a variation in the amplitude of a signal. Such a monitor can be calibrated about standard measurements with the amplitude of the signal relating directly to the particulate concentration per stack. It can also be used to give a reading in mg/m³. One of the main advantages of using this type of dust monitor is that it requires minimum maintenance while providing excellent performance, and is suited for the measurement of dust concentration. It can be used for the following applications; wood burners, diesel engines, incinerators, power stations, combustions processes, furnaces cement works, industrial boilers and filtration units.

Enjoy Using Tried and Tested Technology

When you turn to a professional manufacturer, you have assured the use of technology that has been tried and tested, so you get the best performance and price. Get more information concerning how your user requirements can be met by using cross duct optical technology for all of your monitoring requirements. When you use the products and services offered by trustworthy analyzer manufacturers, you’re assured quality products at affordable prices.

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