Get High-Quality Silicone, Foam, Rubber Gasket Material and More

Get High-Quality Silicone, Foam, Rubber Gasket Material and More

As insulating and sealing tools, gaskets are meant to be tough and dependable. They’re important components in all sorts of mechanical systems. However, choosing the wrong material, style, and size can cost you time, money and productivity. There are many options to choose from when it comes to gaskets. Experienced suppliers can help you differentiate between the various gasket styles, as well as sizes and materials. If you need customized gaskets, many suppliers can modify gasket materials based on customer needs.

Insulation for Complex Systems

Gaskets are designed to fill gaps between internal and external machine parts – creating a secure, tight system. , they’re used as non-liquid sealant solutions and protect system components from negative influences, such as unwanted air flow, gas flow, water and electromagnetic forces. The strength of the materials used to fabricate gaskets determines what types of forces they’re able to keep at bay. Gaskets are available in a variety of different sizes and styles, and can also be customized by converters and fabricators to simplify your operation.

Select the Perfect Material

When it comes to gaskets, there’s no shortage of materials available to you. Based on the specifics of your application, you can choose the types of insulation that offer the strongest, most effective protection. From silicone and foam to ceramic fiber and rope, to fiberglass and rubber gasket material, there are plenty of options on the market. With so many materials available, selecting the right material for your insulating and sealing job can be a challenge. An experienced supplier can recommend the perfect gasket size, style, and material for your operation.

Skilled Converters and Fabricators

With the help of a reliable supplier, it’s easy to customize an insulating solution to your exact specifications. Gasket materials, for example, can be laminated, fabricated, sewn, or woven, based on your goals and requirements. Additionally, gaskets are available in extruded profiles and die cuts. Using first-rate, CNC-controlled machines, suppliers can perform custom slitting on rubber gasket material and other insulators. There are plenty of designs, conversion, and fabrication options available to you. Whatever your needs and preferences are, the right company has the products and capabilities to deliver.

Engineered Materials Inc. routinely supplies and customizes gaskets and other insulation materials. Visit to request a personalized gasket.

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