Get the Emergency Dental Care You Need

A dental emergency can happen at any time. If you work in downtown, you might not want to deal with traveling all over the city or out to the suburbs for an emergency dental service. Our emergency dentist in Chicago Loop offers the same-day care that you need so that you can get back to work, school or your other daily activities as quickly as possible.

Our emergency dentist handles a full range of dental emergencies. If you have a sudden and severe toothache, we are here to help. We can take a look and perform an emergency filling or root canal. If you have an infection, we offer prompt treatment to help you feel better. When you have had an injury to your mouth affecting one or more of your teeth or your gum tissue, our emergency dentist offers immediate care that is designed to help save your tooth.

Many dental emergencies are related to restorations that you might already have in your mouth. If you have a filling that falls out, we can do a replacement or put a temporary crown on the tooth until a customized crown can be made for you at the dental lab. If your crown fell off or broke, we can also set a temporary one onto it for you. Perhaps you bit into something hard and chipped or broke a tooth or a restoration. We offer emergency treatment for those situations, too. We also perform emergency care for a broken veneer, bridge, implant crown and other restorations and cosmetic services you have already received.

Contact us at the Pure Dental Spa if you need emergency dental care, or visit our website to make an appointment with our emergency dentist in Chicago Loop.

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