Frequently Asked Questions About Septic Services In Diamond Bar CA

Homeowners who have a septic system must have it repaired immediately when it fails to function properly. Depending on the magnitude of the problem, it may be necessary to contact a Septic Services Diamond Bar CA company that provides 24 hour emergency service. To learn about common problems associated with a septic system, read the frequently asked questions below.

Q.) What are common reasons why a septic system malfunctions?

A.) When a homeowner has septic system problems, it’s usually because there’s a clog in the sewer pipes or a break in the sewer line. Clogs often occur in sewer pipes because of tree root growth inside the sewer line. Tree roots enter broken sewer pipes and continue to grow inside the pipes until they clog up the line. When the pipes are clogged, the sewer system can’t function properly and waste water will begin to back up into the house and flood the drain field. If the septic tank gets too full to operate correctly, this will also cause a malfunction in the sewer system. To alleviate this problem, a plumbing technician will have to pump out the septic tank.

Q.) How does a plumbing technician repair a clogged sewer line?

A.) After identifying the area of the sewer line that’s clogged, the technician can unclog the pipe using various methods. The method that’s used depends on the type of clog and the severity of the obstruction in the pipe. Once tree roots begin growing inside a sewer pipe, they become tangled and form a mass that fills the entire area of the sewer pipe. Some tree roots are tough to remove because they’re thick and strong. If the sewer pipe is broken or cracked, a Septic Services Diamond Bar CA technician will remove the faulty sections and replace them with new pieces of pipe.

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