Finding the Leader in Commercial Video Production in Lexington, KY

When businesses need a commercial produced, they have many options to choose from. They can deal directly with their cable company or local broadcasters, but those entities are more interested in their own sales than in producing a quality commercial. It shouldn’t matter whether or not one is a business owner, a chief marketing officer, or a marketing director-;they all want to find an expert in Commercial Video Production in Lexington KY that will have their best interests at heart and produce the highest quality commercial possible.

First String Media Productions is a stellar example of one such production company. For over ten years, they have been able to satisfy their clients by capturing their direction and vision in a very creative manner. Recognized in the past as an ADDY Award (now American Advertising Award) winner, and also as an EMMY Award winner, First String’s talented staff will put their customer’s production needs above all else.

When business owners or marketing department staff members need to partner with a company skilled in Commercial Video Production in Lexington KY, they will naturally want to see examples of previous work. Any production company will have a reel or sizzle reel to make available, but what prospective customers want to do is see the finished commercial, not just a clip on the reel. They may also ask to speak to other customers to get a sense of how the entire production flowed from start to finish.

Some production companies will have several producers and directors on the staff. It is important to speak with them before making a final decision. Talented producers and directors have the ability to clearly communicate how they envision the shoot will go, the point of view that will be portrayed, and the overall look and feel for the commercial.

While a customer may come in with a concept and a message they wish to convey, partnering with a talented production crew can make the process easier and more economical. If the director has an appreciation for marketing, he or she should be able to almost act as an extension of the customer’s marketing department during the process.

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