Finding A House For Sale In Beautiful Langley BC

Finding A House For Sale In Beautiful Langley BC

Langley BC sits snuggly within the Fraser Valley. It is only 40 kms (24 miles) from Vancouver’s downtown core. Transportation options to beautiful Langley not only include roads, but also the BC Ferry. The incredible setting amidst protected Land Reserve (ALR), fields and forests make it sometimes difficult to find a house for sale. With both awe-inspiring natural parklands combined with commercial, retail and industrial opportunities, it is easy to see why many choose to purchase a home here.

Finding Your New Home

According to the latest figures, it remains easier to find a house for sale in Langley BC. Overall Fraser Valley real estate is slowing down. In fact, units are increasingly more affordable than those in Vancouver. While real estate prices remain higher in some of the community’s higher-end neighbourhood’s, overall it is easier to locate a more affordable home in Langley than similar communities in BC. According to some statistics, Langley house prices ranks 48th highest in the hot BC housing real estate market.

Langley Neighbourhoods

The community is home to several diverse neighbourhoods. Among the options are:

  • Nicomekl: The city’s largest and oldest neighbourhood
  • Douglas: Multi-family dwellings encompassing the Downtown core
  • Simonds: Well-established single-home fairly affluent neighbourhood
  • Blacklock: Single-family homes with a focus on families
  • Alice Brown: City’s smallest neighbourhood with mostly single-family detached homes
  • Uplands: The most affluent and smallest neighbourhood with single dwellings

Langley BC: A Good Place to Call Home

When looking for a home in BC, why not ignore Vancouver and consider beautiful Langley?  Langley City is a wonderful combination of natural beauty and industrial activity. Home to Kwantlen Polytechnic University upscale resorts, enviable shopping districts and a pulsating pedestrian-friendly downtown core, and a destination shopping-district of regional significance, it is obvious why Langley BC is a top destination for tourists. Would it be at all surprising if some decide to buy a house for sale and settle down rather than leave?

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