Finding An Exterminator For Bee Hive Removal In Pittsburgh

by | Sep 13, 2016 | Pest Control

Property owners should never try to remove a bee hive. Everyone has heard stories about people who tried to knock a hive down. Of course, the stories usually end up with the individual getting stung. Thousands of bees live in a hive, and it is dangerous to disturb them. Experts say the bees start swarming in a matter of seconds. Imagine, this could be very dangerous if children are playing nearby.

Why do bee stings hurt so much? First, bee venom contains a chemical called melittin. The chemical released in the venom causes a burning sensation. Additionally, the bee’s stinger feels like a mini sword. The stinger detaches from the bee and enters the victim’s skin. Unfortunately, the stinger releases venom as long as it is in the skin. It may be a good idea to have a doctor check the wound. Often, people think they get the stinger out but they do not. This is why people need Bee Hives Removal in Pittsburgh.

Initially, exterminators figure out what kind of hive they are dealing with. Simple honey bees are pollinators and are not aggressive. On the other hand, wasps and hornets are very aggressive. Honey bees build a wax-like hive that looks like a honeycomb. The experts may be able to remove the entire hive and get it to a beekeeper. Indeed, the beekeeper preserves the hive to collect honey. A special vacuum is used to suck up the bees without hurting them. Nonetheless, the bees are not happy with the process and may try to sting anyone in the area.

The exterminator may use a pesticide for more aggressive wasps and hornets. Ultimately, it may take several visits to get rid of the insects and the hive. That is because the pesticide kills the bees on the surface first. The exterminator removes the hive when all the bees are dead. Bee Hives Removal in Pittsburgh is very thorough. That is because any nest pieces left behind rot and smell bad. Anyone with a bee problem should look online for The-Beeman. Indeed, browse the website and find out how to make an appointment.

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