Finding a Day Care in Pittsburgh, PA that Grows With Your Child

Many companies provide a new mother with six weeks of maternity leave following the birth of a child. After this time, the mother has a few options. She can quit her job to stay home with the baby, take unpaid leave for a period of time (if the company allows this), take paid leave using vacation and other accumulated time or find day care in Pittsburgh, PA. Sadly, many mothers find they must take the last option, as they have to work to help provide for their family. In this situation, parents need to carefully evaluate providers to find the one which best meets their needs.

When children are placed in a day care facility at a young age, parents need to ensure the center can meet the needs of the child as he or she grows. For this reason, it’s best to find a child care provider who works with children from infancy all the way up through school age. This ensures the child does not need to change providers every few years and that, hopefully, they will have staff members who remain with the center for consistency.

In addition, the facility should offer a range of activities designed to meet the needs of these children. There should be indoor and outdoor space when children can run off their energy and engage in active play with their peers. The center needs to offer a wide range of activities, both educational and fun, to encourage the development of the children attending. Finally, children need one-on-one time with these caregivers, although this can be difficult in a busy center, thus parents need to learn more about the child-staff ratio before choosing.

Parents in need of day care in Pittsburgh, PA find ABC’s For Children meets all of these criteria. Activities offered for older children include karate, knitting, and dance, so children can try a range of activities as they grow and develop to determine which ones they enjoy. In business for more than 30 years, this center is designed to meet the needs of all, thus it is one every parent of a new baby should check out. Pay them a visit today and you are sure to be impressed.

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