Finding a Custom Pallet in Forth Worth

Pallets are used for many things in many industries. The most common use is as a base for stacking, storing, and moving merchandise and materials. Items are stacked on the pallet and then wrapped to keep everything securely in place. The slats allow a forklift, either manual or driven, to raise the pallet, move it with ease, and stack several pallets on top of each other.

Department stores, warehouses, docks, manufacturing facilities, and material suppliers are a few examples of places that use pallets on a daily basis. Pallets save space, eliminate the need for people to lift heavy objects, and can drastically reduce workplace injuries. A Pallet in Fort Worth can also be used in a garage or basement to keep items off the floor. That protects them from getting damp or wet in humid temperatures, in the case of water leaks, or in the event of minor flooding.

Standard pallets work well for most items, but there are times when a custom Pallet in Fort Worth is needed to suit space limitations, odd-shaped objects, or items of excessive weight. A narrow space does not have room for a full-sized pallet, but a pallet that is more rectangular than square in shape will be able to fit. Corner pallets can also be designed and built.

Custom designed and built pallets can include reinforced slats, lips along the bottom edges, half walls, and bracing systems to keep items in place. A marble sculpture, for example, that is heavy, tall, and has a small base, can be placed on a custom pallet that will accommodate the dimensions. The pallet could have metal bars to handle the weight, foam blocks attached to the bottom to surround and cushion the base, and high walls to protect the body of the piece.

In addition to custom pallets, crates and skids can also be custom made to suit shipping and storing needs. Casters or wheels, hinges, locks, bracing, many types of cushioning, vapor barrier bags, and doors can be added to accommodate any item. Shock and vibration-resistant packing is also available. Customers can visit the website for full details regarding services and capacity.

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