Find Out More About Invisalign in Bayside, NY

Find Out More About Invisalign in Bayside, NY

Alignment issues can cause many problems in the way your teeth function. If you have severe alignment problems, your teeth may not line up properly. This can cause pain and pressure in your jaw, as well as uneven wear on some teeth. As your teeth become worn down, they can cause you sensitivity and pain. Along with these issues you can also face problems with your appearance. When your teeth are crooked or have large gaps between them, you can feel self-conscious about the way you look. To overcome these issues, there is invisalign in Bayside, NY. Invisalign will allow your teeth to be treated, without anyone being aware.

Invisalign works through the use of special aligner trays that are made for a custom fit. To make these trays, the dentist will first make impressions of your teeth. These impressions are used to make the aligner trays, so they provide you with a custom fit. Each aligner is made slightly differently, so your teeth are moved into a different position with each new tray.

The dentist will have you wear an aligner tray for about two weeks and then the old one will be thrown away. Most people are able to achieve the results they are after in about a year. It is important to note, Invisalign is not for everyone. While children may be treated with Invisalign, it can take longer for them to respond to treatment, since they are still growing. This treatment is also not recommended for people with severe alignment issues.

There are many benefits to wearing Invisalign braces. Aside from them being invisible on your teeth, you are not limited in any activities or foods you can eat. This makes Invisalign an attractive option for those who do not want to be tied down with cumbersome braces.

Northern Plaza Dental Care will be glad to assist you in learning how this treatment option can dramatically improve your smile. Contact them, so you can schedule your consultation appointment. This will allow you to learn if this treatment will work for you.

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