The Ferry to Victoria Prices, Schedules, Times and Amenities

The Ferry to Victoria Prices, Schedules, Times and Amenities

If you plan to visit Victoria, while it is only a ferry ride away from Vancouver, it requires some planning. It involves the consideration of diverse factors that influence whether your trip is a success. Before boarding any ferry to Victoria, price, schedules, times and amenities are all up for consideration.


Ferries have different prices based on a number of variables. For the official BC ferries, the following are of importance:

  • Your age: Children under five are free
  • Number of tickets: A group of over 10 can get a discount
  • Time: Tickets are cheaper after 6:30 pm weekdays
  • Are you driving or walking on?
  • Special Fares: For a ferry to Victoria, the price for students and disabled is reduced

If you choose a non-government operated ferry, the price may be considerably higher or comparative. Naturally, luxury ferries – with all the amenities, are more costly.


All ferries operate on specific schedules. No matter what type of ferry you choose to take, the hours do vary according to such things as:

  • Time of day
  • Season
  • Weather

Always contact the ferry service in advance, as well as on the travel day to ensure you are going to be able to take the trip as scheduled.


The BC ferry service does an excellent job of providing passengers with the basic amenities to make travelling easier. However, the luxury ferries emphasize this aspect. While BC ferries are comfortable, luxury ferries provide can be decadent in what they provide. While you have the choice to pay for drinks and food on board, these are generally inclusive in a luxury ferry service.

Taking a Ferry to Victoria – Price and More

When looking at taking a ferry to Victoria, price is one aspect to consider. Schedule and amenities also play a role in your decision. Look at the different options before deciding. If you are willing to pay extra, you really should consider the latest luxury ferries making the journey.

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