Features To Have On Any Excavator Drill Attachment

Features To Have On Any Excavator Drill Attachment

Making equipment more versatile and available for a range of different types of jobs and applications is one of the most important considerations for a small company or a startup drilling service. By adding an excavator drill attachment to your equipment inventory you can extend the use of your excavator.

Of course, the added benefit is that if you use an excavator drill attachment you don’t have to have a separate drill that is mounted on a wagon or a skid steer. With the attachment for the excavator you can also get into spaces that these larger systems can’t easily get to, and you also don’t have the added issues of storing the unit, transporting it or the more extensive maintenance required.

Customized for the Excavator

In many cases, you will find that companies offering an excavator drill attachment will simply sell a base unit that will need modifications to fit different models of excavators. This is often the lowest cost of model and is a universal type of design, but it can lead to a lot of issues with correct mounting and operation.

There are some companies that offer fully customized excavator drill attachment designs. When ordering the drill, you will be asked to provide information on the excavator, and the drill attachment will come ready to be connected without the need for your operators to complete any modifications.

Controls and Mounting Options

When making a purchase and comparing different companies, models, and features, be sure to check the mounting options for the drill attachment. There may be the option for front, side, or rear mounting, and it will be essential to consider the job and the location that is best suited for the type of drilling required.

Controls should be easy and efficient for the operator in the cab. In the best models, the controls will tie into the current hydraulics and operate on a joystick type of design which allows for accurate control and small to large movements that are smooth and precise.

Optional Drifters

Having the option to choose from different drifters for the excavator drill attachment will also be something to think about. As each application and drilling need will require a specific type of drifter, including percussion or rotary options, for fast drilling even through very challenging rocks and surfaces.

By taking a close look at the different features and options with an excavator drill attachment you can easily see the benefits to the models you are considering. This will allow you to choose not only the right equipment but also the right manufacturer.

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