Family Violence? An Oswego Family Attorney Can Help

Family Violence? An Oswego Family Attorney Can Help

Family law attorneys are a special group, dealing with an area of law that is often fraught with emotion. If you are experiencing family violence, an Oswego family attorney can guide you through the legal steps you can take to help bring that violence to an end. You can rely on your attorney to protect and defend your rights in court, including your access to financial or other assets that may be held in common with the abusive party.

Reach Out, Speak Out

Start the process by reaching out to an Oswego family attorney with family violence experience and speaking out about your situation. One of the first legal steps may be to request an order of protection from the court. Your attorney can assist with that process. With an order of protection, if the perpetrator of family violence stalks you, harasses you or threatens you at your home or place of work, there will be legal consequences. Each violation leaves a paper trail that contributes to the formal documentation of a pattern of behavior.

Strong Representation

An Oswego family attorney that is well experienced with domestic violence cases will be a strong advocate for your rights in the courtroom. Your attorney will work hard to make sure that you receive the assets and financial support you are entitled to and that the laws protecting you from family violence are enforced. You don’t have to do this alone.

Take Action Now

If you or your children are currently in physical danger, you need to leave and then take legal action to protect yourself, your children and your property. Go to a domestic violence shelter or other place where you’ll be safe from the abusive party, then consult an Oswego family attorney about an order of protection and the next legal steps you can take to get this family law situation resolved.

To learn more about the legal steps you can take to end family violence, visit Fay, Farrow & Associates online or call 630-984-4633 for a free consultation.

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