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An eye exam is a routine check up that is meant to detect any abnormalities in the eyes. A comprehensive eye exam entails a number of tests aimed at identifying any infections. You will probably go through a number of tests before you are declared healthy.

Why is it important?

Eye examinations are a very important part of health maintenance. Adults should have their eyes tested to keep their prescriptions current. Routine eye exams help you detect eye disease, any vision problems, and general health problems associated with the eye well before they start to show up.

Preparing for the test

When you make that call for an appointment, give all the details about the problems you are having with your vision and don’t leave out any detail no matter how small it is. If you have any question for the doctor, write them down. You should also be prepared to give the medical history concerning your vision. If you have any contact lenses or glasses, you should take them with you to assist the doctor in making their assessment.

What goes on during the test?

Before the test, the doctor will take your medical history. The time taken for the test will range from thirty to forty minutes and it will involve evaluating both the health and vision of your eyes.

You’ll likely have the following eye tests carried out on you.

1. Eye alignment test: To ensure that your eyes are aligned properly, you will be asked to track an object moving in different directions and the doctor will be observing your eyes while you do that.

2. Pupil movement and reaction : Here the doctor looks at how you eyes respond to light, he will check and see if the pupils are working properly while at the same time checking the exterior eye and observing the condition of the eyelids.

3. Cover test: meant to check whether your eyes work together in coordination. The doctor will uncover and cover your eyes while you stare at a small object some distance away. This test may be repeated with the small object much closer to you.

4. Visual acuity test: you will read from a chart that will be placed before you and as you read down the line the letters will keep getting smaller. The doctor will also tell you to close one of your eyes and use the other to read then you will repeat the same procedure with the other eye closed.

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