Exterminators in Phoenix, AZ Regularly Get Rid of Scorpions

Exterminators in Phoenix, AZ are hired to get rid of a number of pests and rodents. One of these pests in the arid Southwest is the scorpion. Scorpions are well-suited to the climate as they like a temperature of between 68 and 99 degrees Fahrenheit.

A Nocturnal Creature

When it is too cold or over 99 degrees Fahrenheit, scorpions tend to migrate indoors. A venomous relative of the spider, the scorpion likes to move about at night and therefore is considered nocturnal. As a result, some homeowners are stung by scorpions when they get up during the night. Some of the pests even hide in homeowners’ shoes.

The Bark Scorpion

In Arizona alone, about 60 species of scorpions are present. One of the dangerous species is the bark scorpion, which is colored light brown. Exterminators should be called about any scorpion problem. However, you need to take immediate measures if you see one of these creatures. The bark scorpion’s bite can send a person into shock. For anyone who experiences a hypertensive crisis, both vasodilators and anxiolytics are required. Needless to say, this type of response requires a visit to the nearest emergency facility.

Reducing the Chance for an Infestation

If you want to avoid a scorpion infestation, exterminators such as the professionals at such companies as Alliance Pest Management suggest that homeowners do the following:

 *   Remove piles of trash, boards, or bricks from the exterior of the home

 *   Keep the grass closely cut near the home and the bushes trimmed

 *   Never bring firewood into the house unless it is placed directly on the hearth

 *   Install weatherstripping around the windows and doors

 *   Caulk around cracks and pipes

 *   Shake out clothing and shoes before you wear them

 *   Schedule monthly pest control services

Contact an Exterminator Today

Indeed, an exterminator is appreciated in this area of the country, especially when the scorpion population can show up insidiously. To make sure you protect you and your family, take all the preventative measures that you can. Contact an exterminator today for a consultation.

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