Explore Precise Laser Cutting in Auburn, WA

Explore Precise Laser Cutting in Auburn, WA

Laser Cutting Auburn WA can be used for several applications. It is primarily used for piping, structural, and flat-sheet metals, but can also be used to create signs, artwork, decorative items, logos, and specified metal fabrication pieces for projects. A computer directs a high-power laser at the material to be cut. Depending on what the material is, the design is created by melting, burning, vaporizing, and removing pieces using a jet of gas. The result is a high-quality surface finish that requires no cleaning or sanding. Designs can be simple or intricate, and many patterns can be placed on one piece.

Laser Cutting Auburn WA can be completed by an experienced company that works on a variety of materials. Metals include carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, alloys, titanium, brass, and nickel. Rare metals can be sourced if needed. Laser cutting thickness capacities vary for certain metals. Steel of up to one inch thick, for example, can be laser cut successfully. The maximum for stainless steel is three-quarters of an inch and one-half an inch for aluminum. Customers can Visit the website for a list of complete thickness capabilities.

Other materials available are plastics, building materials, copper roofing, grating, as well as valves and fittings. A lot of companies that offer laser cutting focus on large quantities for major manufacturers. There are a few companies, like Specialty Metals, for example, that will take on projects or orders of any size. That is helpful for small business owners, homeowners working on a do-it-yourself improvement, inventors, artists, and students working on projects. Many singular or small quantity orders can be ready for same day pick up.

The computer aided drawing (CAD) capability of the laser cutting machine means any pattern or design can be completed with excellent accuracy. Art work can be Emailed directly to the company via CAD or image files. Tracings and templates can be used in wood, cardboard, or plastics. Digital pictures or drawings can be faxed. Pictures, drawings, tracings, or templates have to be programmed into the CAD software, so a setup fee may apply to those formats. Those interested can contact the company for pricing on materials and services.

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