What To Expect After Gastric Band Surgery In Las Vegas

What To Expect After Gastric Band Surgery In Las Vegas

In many types of surgical procedures, the actual surgery itself is designed to correct the problem. For patients that are choosing a gastric band procedure, the surgery is a tool to accomplish their weight loss goals, but there will be lifestyle changes that need to occur after the procedure and carried on for sustained weight loss and maintenance.

The doctor and clinic in Las Vegas that performs the procedure will work with the patient before the surgery as well as afterward. This is an important part of the complete treatment plan, and patients need to commit to making significant changes in their life immediately after the surgery and into the future.

Commit to the Plan

The doctor and the weight loss support team are there to help you get through the critical first few months after the procedure. They will provide you with nutritional support as well as emotional support.

Committing to the plan and following the recommended diet, including the liquid diet after the procedure, is a commitment to your health and well-being. Make it a point to stay on plan and avoid the temptation of going off plan; this will start a slide down a slippery slope into past negative behaviors.


For most people that have gastric band surgery, exercise is not a part of the daily routine. This is often the biggest challenge, and it can be hard to find the time to start out with a walk in the morning or a walk after the end of a long day.

Exercise doesn’t have to be grueling or intense. Get your heart rate up, work up a sweat and set personal goals to do a bit better every day. The more you develop the habit of daily exercise, the easier weight maintenance will be once you reach your goal.

Finally, after a gastric band or bariatric procedure, talk to others who are experiencing the same challenges you are as well as those who have successfully maintained their weight loss for years. Support groups in Las Vegas, many which will be organized through your nutritional counselor, can be extremely motivating and helpful in dealing with the challenges that come up in any lifestyle change.

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